The Christina Brandywine River Remediation, Restoration and Resilience (CBR4) effort is a collaboration between partners in the public and private sectors to bring the lower Christina and Brandywine Rivers fully back to life after years of industrial use and recovery.  In 2017 the Christina Conservancy began working with DNREC and other partners to assess the needs and possibilities for addressing in-stream contamination and restoring habitat and water quality to make these urban waters fishable and swimmable again.

The bottom of this stretch of rivers was mapped to characterize topography and sediments (soils) and help  target future cleanup of contaminants like PCBs. A Survey of the Bottom of the Lower Christina River used geophysical remote sensing and bottom/sub-bottom sampling to identify bottom substrates (coarse sand, fine sand). Click on this Link to data to access a map like the one above on the NOAA ERMA website. (Once there, open the Bathymetry & Hydrology menu item on the right hand side and a list of Christina River DE survey data options will appear that can be added to the map.)

In September of 2019, the Conservancy partnered with Brightfields Inc., DNREC, and Anchor QEA to host a workshop sharing the results of mapping and other work to clean up and restore the lower Christina and Brandywine Rivers. A Technical Workshop for the Christina River and Brandywine Creek Sediment Remediation brought together 80 scientists, engineers, and planners to focus on river sediment remediation and river restoration, and to outline net steps for environmental cleanup goals, fundraising and community involvement. Click on the following links for the Workshop Agenda and Workshop Attendees.

Using mapping and workshop results, a team of experts is now working together to seek funding for developing the strategies and projects needed to bring these urban rivers fully back to life for people, fish and wildlife. This CBR4 team includes the Christina Conservancy, DNREC, Brightfields, Inc., Partnership for the Delaware Estuary and Sarver Ecological, with input and support from many other partners and stakeholders. Click on this link for a summary of the proposal for funding CBR4 planning.