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Stewardship Toolkit

Stewardship Toolkit For The Christina River Watershed

Water quality issues in the Christina River Watershed are complex. Almost every activity we do produces pollution that will be carried by rainfall, creeks, and streams throughout the watershed and into the Christina River. You can make a difference by taking action to help alleviate the problems. Whether you own property on the edge of the river, creek, or stream or reside in the watershed, there are steps you can take to help improve the water quality in the Christina River Watershed.

What YOU Can Do to Make a Difference:
1. Practice green landscaping, gardening, and farming for water quality.
2. Protect and preserve the wetlands.
3. Care for the urban/community forest in the watershed.
4. Properly dispose of household hazardous wastes.
5. Keep trash cleaned up.
6. Keep all vehicles and equipment well maintained.
7. Mark stream drains on your property.
8. Advocate for low impact development in your community.
9. If you are a member of a civic group in the watershed (see list), become a Christina River advocate in that group.
10. If you have not already done so, join the Christina Conservancy and support its mission and goals.

Property Owners On The Water
1. Become a volunteer monitor by contacting the Delaware Nature Society. Monitor water quality conditions at your site along the Christina River, its tributaries, and streams. Stabilize your shoreline along the river, tributaries, and streams.

Information and assistance is available through a variety of sources such as the Delaware Invasive Species Council, the Delaware Nature Society, the Delaware Cooperative Extension, and state agencies in Delaware and neighboring states to assist you as together we work to improve the water quality of the Christina Watershed.