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Public Access & Recreation

The Christina River flows from its headwaters west of Newark across the state to Wilmington and the Delaware River. It is part of the Christina River Basin, along with the Red and White Clay Creeks and the Brandywine Creek.  Much of the watershed is developed, but New Castle County is preserving substantial streamside lands for wildlife and recreation.

Experience the Christina River for yourself with the facilities, maps and guides mentioned below.  Or take an simulated trip down the Magnificent “Urban Christina River thanks to a series of 360 degree views that allow you to zoom in and out at different locations, march your way along the river manually, or “play a video” that gives you a view like you are on a kayak going up or down the river.

Access to the Christina River is important for recreational activities like kayaking, canoeing and fishing in the river, as well as for walking, hiking, and biking on trails along it. The Christina Riverfront, DuPont Environmental Education Center, Russel W. Peterson Urban Wildlife Refuge, and Jack A. Markell Trail are all major attractions along the Christina River in Wilmington. Public boat ramps in Newport and along Churchman’s Road provide recreational use of the upper reaches of the Christina. The Cooch-Dayett Mills near Newark invites visitors to learn about this magnificent river’s history.

The Christina Conservancy worked with the State Division of Historic and Cultural Affairs to stabilize and protect the Cooch-Dayett Mills, where the Delaware Nature Society now holds educational programs. For more information about visiting Cooch-Dayett see this link to information on the Delaware Historical and Cultural Affairs website.

The Christina Conservancy worked with New Castle County to develop the map below showing parkland and open space in the watershed, and a printed/printable Christina River Riparian Corridor guide showing public access areas and points along the river. (Click on map for full size resolution.)

Map of Public Access and Recreation Areas in the Christina Watershed