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“Out With Invasives 3” will take place at the Peterson Marsh on October 25, 2014.

Invasive plants are a scourge to wildlife and water quality in riparian areas.  The Christina Conservancy has identified areas along the river that need invasive plant removal and will seek volunteers to assist the Conservancy and its partners (the Christina River Cleanup Committee, the Delaware Nature Society, State Division of Fish & Wildlife, and the Delaware Invasive Species Council). During the Out With Invasives events, participants will focus on cutting or removing some non-native, rapidly spreading pest plants like Asian bittersweet, Japanese honeysuckle, and bush honeysuckles and when possible plant some native species in the area.  Initially, the focus has been on the Peterson Marsh along the river, but other areas will be addressed in the future.

Participants will be provided with gloves, some hand tools, trash bags and water.  Participants should bring hand clippers, branch loppers, their favorite garden gloves, small hand saws (if available), and hand trowels for planting.  Waterproof boots or “mud” sneakers are a must.

Previous Events:

Out With Invasives 1 – Peterson Marsh – October 20, 2012

Out With Invasives 2 – Peterson Marsh – October 26, 2013