Planning to Build a Rain Garden?

Rain Garden App: A Mobile App for designing, installing, & maintaining a Rain Garden. Download yours today!

RainGarden72x72Download the Rain Garden App first. “Rain Garden” is a FREE Mobile App designed to help you properly install a rain garden at your home, office, or job site. Through video tutorials, diagrams, text, and tools, the App guides you through determining the size and placement of your garden, selecting plants, digging and planting your garden, and maintaining your garden. It also includes tools for determining your soil type, measuring the size of the area that will drain to your garden, and managing multiple rain garden projects.

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To learn more about Rain Gardens visit the Rain Gardens for the Bays site.

For more information about the App, if you are interested in expanding the App’s tools to your area, to make suggestions or to simply heap praise upon the heads of your humble App designers, please contact us.

Source:  All Rain Garden App information has been developed/created by the University of Connecticut NEMO Program. University of Delaware’s Sea Grant/SCCI and DNREC contributed funds for the App’s conversion for use in Delaware.