Fleming Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Left to right: Dennis Palmer, president, WRA DRB, Lorraine Fleming, and Mike Riska, retired executive director, Delaware Nature Society.

From left, Dennis Palmer, president of the Water Resources Association of the Delaware River Basin, Lorraine Fleming, and Mike Riska, retired executive director of the Delaware Nature Society as Fleming accepts Lifetime Achievement Award. 

Congratulations Lorraine Fleming!

The Christina Conservancy congratulates one of its own. Lorraine Fleming, current secretary of the Board of the Conservancy, received the Life Time Achievement Award from the Water Resources Association of the Delaware River Basin (WRA DRB) at the 32nd Annual Recognition Dinner held on April 16, 2014.

According to the WRA DRB, Lorraine Fleming was given the award “for her lifetime of sound environmental leadership and stakeholder collaboration in preserving, protecting and improving Delaware’s natural habitats: land, air, wetlands, and water.”

In addition to her on-going work with the Conservancy from its inception and years of dedicated Board work, Lorraine Fleming has a long and rich history of devotion and service to environmental causes, as outlined in the attached summary. (click here for PDF of Fleming Lifetime Achievements)